Systems Information for Biodiversity Conservation


National Database for plant genetic ressources in Switzerland

The Swiss Commission for the Conservation of Cultivated Plants  ( launches the National Database for Conservation and sustainable use of genetic ressources. The persons of BCIS were involved in the developement and ensured continuous developement ( 
National Database for PGR


For over four decades, the research station Agroscope Changins - Wändenswil collect fungus, mainly pathogen from cultuvated plants. This large collection of fungus gives a good overview of the fungus deseases in Switzerland and at the same time it is a good basis for research. As the importance of this collection is transboundary, the collection should be linked with the international project "Barcode of life" and make it accessible to researchers and to the public. 

Database Inventary of Cultivated Plants in Liechtenstein 

The Association Hortus realised an inventory of plant genetic ressources in Liechtenstein. The results of the traditionally cultivated plants are now available in a database. 
Database Hortus

Fruit orchard "Vorschröten" in Wahlen

The fruit orchard is situated in the commune of Wahlen in the Canton Basel - Landschaft. In the ochard are pears, sorb-ttrees, walnut-trees, cherry-trees and medlars growing. Find more infomration under. 
Ochard Vorschröten in Wahlen